Remote Skill Camps
4 weeks. 1 Real World Project. Completely Online.
Stand out from the crowd.
Next Admissions Deadline: April 22nd
Admissions is Rolling, but Spots are Limited!
Become part of an online community of students from around the country who are working on projects too.
Pick a real project within your skill track that will help you figure out your interests and build your resume.
Get new skills through our customized learning experiences tailored to your business projects.
Join a Community
Work on a Real Project
Learn new Skills
Showcase Your Summer
Present your work at our online symposium at the end of your 4 weeks, showing off your work and new skills.
Make connections through your work and our community that will last you far beyond our program.
Learn how to be Professional
Learn what it's like to work in a real job, which will prepare you for college and beyond.
Work hard, but on your time.
Our online camp is built to be flexible, and works around you and your schedule.
Build Your Network
Based on your interests, we put you in a group and match you with a mentor in our Slack Community.
Pick a real business project depending on your track. Your mentor and group will help you learn the skills you'll need.
Share what you've accomplished in an online symposium at the end of your 4-weeks.
Meet your group & mentor
Work on a real project
Show off Your Work
Work with real people and real projects
Skill Tracks
Pick one of four skill tracks to work on a real project this summer.
Data Analysis and Visualization
What you'll do:
  • Become an advanced spreadsheets user, and data investigator
  • Learn how to make beautiful graphs and presentations in Tableau
  • Analyze a real world dataset for a real world company
Graphic Design
What you'll do:
  • Learn tools like Canva, Photoshop (Subscription not included), and more
  • Understand the basics of color theory and how brands are built
  • Create content and material for a real world business
Digital Marketing
What you'll do:
  • Learn how to optimize web presence through Google, and rank higher on Search
  • Learn how to create an online ad strategy, and think about viral marketing
  • Create a strategy proposal and plan for a real world business or organization
Code-Free Web Design
What you'll do:
  • Learn the variety of tools available for end to end web design
  • Learn how to build sites like AirBnB. Without any code!
  • Build a real website for a real world business
Round 1:
Spots are Filling Up Fast!
We give preference to earlier applicants, apply before spots are filled!
March 10th to
March 31st
Round 2:
April 1st to
April 22nd
Round 3:
April 23rd to
May 13th
Round 4*:
May 14th to
June 2nd
*Round 4 Applications are only eligible for cohorts 3, 4, and 5
This week you'll have a deep dive into your career and interests with your mentor. You'll also start to really dive deep on your tools/skills.
Get matched with your mentor, get to know your group, and become a part of our growing online community. Start to play with the skills you'll be learning.
You've built a small foundation in the last two weeks, this week is all about diving deep into your work, and creating something you will be proud of.
Project Work
Camp Structure
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Wrap up and Symposium
Put the finishing touches on your project and present at an online symposium. You'll get a chance to see the work that other people did too.
Week 4
Cost and Dates
4 week sessions:
- May 27 to June 23
- June 10 to July 7
- July 1 to July 28
- July 15 to August 4
- July 29 to August 25

*InternLab matches 100% of need-based financial aid and provides scholarships.
**Contact us if these dates don't work for you; we'll try to work around it.
Cohort 1:
Spots are Filling Up Fast!
We give preference to earlier applicants, apply before spots are filled!
spots left
Cohort 2:
Cohort 3:
Cohort 4:
Cohort 5:
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