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Kavya Ravikanti
UVA Student
Daniel Autry
Harish Tekriwal

Dartmouth Student
"I really wish I had found my work experience earlier. It changed what I thought my passions and interests were, and ultimately what I did after school"
UVA Grad
Hear What College Students Have to Say About the Value of Experience
"My work experience really helped me excel in school. The responsibility and skills I learned working with a real client still pay off in my classes at college today."
Having worked for a startup in high school, I was able to understand what I enjoyed doing vs. absolutely did not want to do. With that, I was able to narrow down my choice of major in college!
Our Summer Programs
We offer two programs:
Exploration Trips and Remote Skill Camps
Exploration Trips
Exploration Trips are 1-week industry exploration tours around Charlottesville and Richmond.

How it works:
Apply to an Industry Track. Based on your general interests, choose a field to learn more about and apply to the corresponding exploration track.
Get Prepped. During the first two days of the program, you'll learn about the industry and gain networking skills. We will also create a LinkedIn for your and perfect your resume.
Meet Companies and Work on Projects. On the following three days, you'll visit 7 companies at which you will speak with local founders and industry experts. Apply all that you have learned on a cumulative design challenge on the last day of the trip.
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Remote Skill Camps
We run remote skill camps that help you develop skills that you'll need in any job that you take in the future.

How it works:
Apply to a Skills Track. Based on your general interests, choose a skill to learn more about and apply to the corresponding track.
Meet your Group and Mentor. During the first week you'll be placed in a group of peers with similar interests, and you'll be paired with a mentor who can help you think about your future.
Learn and Build. Over the next three weeks you'll work on a real project to build your skills, and participate in online workshops to help you build your professional experiences.

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About us
Our goal is to provide affordable, high-impact summer experiences to students. Whether you're trying to learn a skill, exploring your interests in a field or just want to have fun , InternLab has something for everyone.
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